Community Policy

Unlocked is about having fun with your friends. That means that content you share, even with your own friends, still needs to meet the requirements of our community policy. This is to make Unlocked fun for everyone.

Don’t be a downer. Be fun. We have a zero tolerance policy for any content that is considered:

• Bullying. Just don’t do it.
• Illegal. Should speak for itself, but don’t do illegal things or make videos of them on Unlocked. Illegal content of any nature is not allowed.
• Invasion of privacy. Don’t make videos of people that don’t want to be in a video without their knowledge and consent. Especially in private spaces like bathroom’s or locker rooms.
• Threats. Goes with bullying. Don’t do it. It won’t be tolerated.
• Be yourself. Do not impersonate someone else.

If you violate these rules we may remove the offending content or terminate your account. If your account is terminated, you won’t be allowed to use Unlocked again.

If you see anything that is against our guidelines then email, please include your username.

When something is “reported” in Unlocked it will be removed from your view immediately.

Have Fun!