Beta Problems Solved!

Improvements and Broadcaster Tips

Problem: Dropped Streams / Cannot Connect / Low connectivity

Solved: We’ve rebuilt the entire backbone of our streaming tech and are now leading streaming innovation with our “Smart” Streaming technology. Like a 6-lane highway in Los Angeles, before if there was traffic you were stuck, the stream couldn’t connect or was dropped. Now with our “Smart” Streaming, if 4 lanes are clogged with traffic, our tech finds the remaining 2 open lanes you so can stream with far lower connectivity. This technology is brand new.

(Note) Latency. On the beta the latency was 4 to 5 seconds… (Meaning if you asked a fan a question it took 4 to 5 seconds for them to see or hear your question). Then add the time for them to type a response it presented a challenge for conversation.

With our new technology our Latency is less than ½ a second. It’s almost immediate.

*Ideal connectivity –  For LTE, try to start streams with at least 3 bars if you can (you can begin stream on 2 bars but might get some pixilation in the beginning of your stream while the tech reads and optimizes for the lower connection). I’ve started streams on 1 bar but the first 10/15 seconds will be pixelated while our tech optimizes for a clear stream. If you’re moving around on LTE and your connectivity drops, you will pixelate (like a bad phone connection) until you get a better connection, but it won’t drop your stream.

For Internet, you’re golden unless it’s super slow internet or you’re really far from the router – Like less than 3.30 Mbps download / 0.89 MMbps Upload. In that case just use LTE, it will be clearer. (You can test internet speed in 30 seconds – type “internet speed test” in any browser on your phone and there is a module that comes up first that will quickly let you know what your connection looks like.

Problem: Eating up your data

Solved:  Before – if you were streaming on LTE your data was used to upload the highest quality vid of your stream for playback. Now if you stream on LTE, the video will automatically upload, but the high definition video will wait to upload until after you’re connected to WiFi again. Simply open the app when you’re connected to WiFi and the hi-Def version will automatically upload. If you want to watch the upload meter to see when the upload is finished, hit settings and you can watch the meter as the hi-def vid is uploaded. It’s pretty quick.

Problem:  Disappearing chat / missed comments

Solved:  Comments now do not disappear and can be scrolled through. We’ve also gamified the gifting so fans can earn free Stars/gifts and they can bid to have their comments in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place so you see them first. You keep 100% of all gifts $.

Problem:  Delayed / missing Push notifications

Solved:  We were using a 3rd party prior. Now Push notifications are built in to our tech eliminating the misfires. Make sure to get fans to follow you to get your push notifications!

Problem:   No Push notification when you upload a recorded video.

Solved:  Now when you upload a recorded video a Push Notification goes out to your followers to come and watch as if you were live, and they can comment & gift as it plays as if it were LIVE. Soon you will be able to upload and schedule recorded videos to post at designated times.

Now you can upload and watch something fun and comment on it with fans. Then go live afterwards to chat about it with them.

If you have any suggestions or features you’d like to see on Unlocked, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.