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Bryce Papenbrook and David Vincent Present – Unlocked
Reported on Fri Sep 22 2017

Voice actors Bryce Papenbrook and David Vincent have teamed up to launch a new platform titled “Unlocked” – allowing Voice Actors, CosPlayers, YouTubers, and other celebrities an exciting new way to directly engage with their fans.

The idea arose from the mutual love of celebrating anime & pop culture, and meeting fans at conventions. For fans and actors alike, getting to meet each other at conventions, and interact online via social media is a great way to share with each other, but of course, it’s not without its drawbacks. Bryce states, “We adore going to cons and meeting our fans, but it’s not always possible to get to meet up with or talk to everyone at conventions.” David adds, “Tweets and messages often get buried before we’ve had the chance to see them, and that drives us nuts because we don’t want fans walking away thinking we’re ignoring them.”

Unlocked was devised to bridge that gap.

Unlocked is the first ever platform where voice actors and media personalities can engage daily, in real time with their fans via free live streams in a centralized location. Users can subscribe for exclusive shows and other pre-recorded daily content produced by Actors, CosPlayers and other Celebrities, along with unlimited playback of the LiveStreams all while supporting charity. Fans are also encouraged to interact by submitting video shout outs and community content to be featured.

Users follow a voice actor or personality’s profile and are notified whenever they go live to join the free streams. Fans chat live with the stars of their favorite shows, talk shop with celebrity CosPlayers, go behind the scenes at the studios, or just hang out and play video games with their favorite actors.

David states, “We wanted to create a new way to extend the friendships we make in this community, and to make it easier to connect. We’re getting so many great ideas from fans we can’t wait to see how this platform evolves.”

Unlocked is currently available on iOS here and will be available soon for Android. Sign up for the Android Beta here to be first to hear about its release. More info available at http://www.unlockedofficial.com/

Unlocked’s official press release is provided below.

Los Angeles, California (September 20, 2017) – Professional Voice Actors Bryce Papenbrook and David Vincent, are proud to announce the official launch of the Mobile Platform Unlockedby Fan Connect Inc.

Unlocked – The Anime & Pop Culture Streaming Network offers original and exclusive shows and live video chat with the largest actors, industry professionals and influencers in anime, gaming, cosplay and Comic-Con culture.

Co-founders David Vincent & Bryce Papenbrook have partnered with Mike Jones, CEO of prestigious Science Inc., the disruptive media, marketing and brand building company that creates, invests, acquires and scales successful digital businesses, to introduce this new platform to bring anime & pop culture fans and celebrity players together daily. Science Inc. is making an investment into the Unlocked platform to fuel its growth.

Fans are able to interact directly with industry celebrities and VIPs in real time, giving both fans and celebrities a new way to engage.

Unlocked offers an exclusive new way for content providers and IP holders to promote their properties by incorporating real-time interaction with the stars of their IP’s, while providing a seamless global platform for content distribution. In addition, the platform offers exclusive original programming produced by Unlocked & the influencers featured on the app.

Unlocked is available for iOS in the App Store with an Android release currently in development. More information can be found at www.unlockedofficial.com

About Unlocked

Unlocked by Fan Connect Inc. – is a mobile application company partnered with tech firm Science Inc. based in Santa Monica, CA. Unlocked – The Anime & Pop Culture Streaming Network offers Exclusive shows and Live Video Chat with the largest Actors, Industry Professionals & Influencers in Anime, Gaming, Cosplay and Comic Con culture. Unlocked is currently available for iOS in the App Store. More information can be found at www.unlockedofficial.com

About Science, Inc.

Science Inc. is the disruptive media, marketing and brand building company that creates, invests, acquires and scales successful digital businesses. Science brings together the best ideas, talent, resources and financing through a centralized platform. The platform is leveraged to develop new businesses, provide emerging startups with operational strategy and capital and transform later-stage Internet ventures with new talent and innovation. The company has co-founded and invested in more than 70 companies, including Dollar Shave Club, DogVacay, HelloSociety, FameBit, Earny, Pray and Mammoth, the media company that reaches 30% of U.S. teens every month through social broadcasting and App Store top 100 apps like Wishbone and Yarn. It recently pre-announced an initial coin offering for its new blockchain-focused incubator, Science Blockchain. For more information, visit science-inc.com.

(Press release courtesy of Fan Connect Inc.)